What spice can I use instead of saffron?

What spice can I use instead of saffron?


Is there a cheaper substitute for saffron?

Turmeric, safflower, and annatto are all much cheaper substitutes for saffron. If you need the color that saffron adds, use turmeric or safflower.

What does saffron add to paella?

Crumbled into a pot of hot stock, saffron adds an earthy, floral, and somewhat mysterious flavor to your paella. It imbues the rice with a gorgeous golden color, too. Saffron is a fairly expensive spice, but thankfully you only need a few threads to season a whole dish of paella.

How important is saffron in a recipe?

Saffron is most commonly used to add a distinct, yet subtle flavor to dishes to enhance their taste. Here are some ways you can put a modern take on this traditional spice. Cooking Tip: With the aroma and flavor profile that Rumi Spice saffron provides, you only need 8-12 threads when cooking rice or risotto for two.

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