Can I use bok choy in ramen?

Can I use bok choy in ramen?

Bring 4 cups water to a boil in a large pot over high heat. Add the bok choy and ramen noodles along with the reserved ramen flavor packet. Cover and cook, stirring halfway through, until the boy choy is wilted and the noodles are tender, about 4 minutes.

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Do you cook veggies before adding to ramen?

Cook the meat and vegetables in a hot skillet with oil before adding then noodles and whatever sauce you’d like (plain old oyster sauce with a touch of sesame oil is an easy crowd-pleaser). I like the simple combo of flank steak with snap peas.

What part of bok choy do you use in soup?

Varieties with larger leaves work great for salads and soups, and those with narrower heads are perfect for stir-fry meals. When picking out bok choy, look for bright green leaves and crisp stalks free of holes or discoloration.

What part of bok choy do you use in ramen?

While broth is simmering, cut the end off the head of bok choy. Cut off the stems and then cut the stems into thin strips. Roll the leaves together and also cut into strips. Add the stems to the broth and cook for 5 minutes or until stems are starting to be tender.

What vegetables can be put in ramen?

Quick-cooking vegetables like baby spinach, romaine lettuce, bean sprouts, thinly sliced cabbage, watercress, and scallions (amongst others) can be stirred into the soup right before serving.

What greens are good in ramen?

Vegetables –Pick your favourites! I used bok choy, carrots, enoki mushrooms, scallions, snow peas, and chilis. Protein — I used a soft-boiled egg and a handful of shelled edamame. Soy sauce and Sriracha –x26gt; For extra flavour and zing.

How do you add vegetables to ramen?

Add fresh or frozen veggies to make a homemade ramen soup. Toward the end of the boiling process, add some leafy greens like spinach, bok choy, or cabbage to the broth. The veggies should wilt in the boiling water with the ramen, so you won’t have to use a second pot.

What vegetables can go in ramen?

Vegetables — Pick your favourites! I used bok choy, carrots, enoki mushrooms, scallions, snow peas, and chilis. Protein — I used a soft-boiled egg and a handful of shelled edamame. Soy sauce and Sriracha -For extra flavour and zing.

Can I add frozen veggies to ramen?

Fill a small sauce pot about half way up with water and bring to a boil over high heat. Remove seasoning packet from ramen and set aside. Add dry ramen noodles and frozen vegetables to the boiling water. To serve add noodles and vegetables to a big bowl and top with the egg, and enjoy!

Does adding vegetables to ramen make it healthier?

Toss a few of your favorite vegetables into your bowl of ramen. This will contribute to a hearty flavor and add nutrients to the meal. Carrots, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower and peppers will not only give you great taste, they give you a nice serving of vitamins, minerals and fiber in every bite.

What part of bok choy do you use?

It has a round tender white bulb on the bottom with long celery looking stalks and dark leafy greens on top. The entire vegetable is edible and can be enjoyed either raw or cooked.

Do you eat the leaves or stem of bok choy?

The whole plant is edible, and it tastes cabbage-like with sweet undertones. There are various ways of preparing this vegetable. You can cook its stalks and leaves, add them to soup, steam them, stir-fry, or eat them raw in salads.

What kind of bok choy goes in ramen?

Quarter bok choy, rinse to remove any grit, and cut into 2-inch pieces. Trim scallions, then thinly slice, keeping dark greens separate.

Is bok choy in ramen?

The cool thing is that both the leaves and the stalks can be eaten, and this wonderful little plant is an excellent go-to for fiber, as well as for beta-carotene and vitamins C, K and A. It’s also a good source for calcium and vitamin B6. Bok choy can vary in flavor, size and color.

How do you cut bok choy for soup?

Season with salt to taste. Add bok choy and rehydrated mushrooms and simmer 5 minutes until bok choy is crisp tender. While the broth is cooking, bring a pot of salted water to a boil and cook ramen noodles according to package directions. Drain and set aside until ready to eat.

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